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Da Vinci DSE Preparatory Course

This course consists of 2 levels - JUNIOR and SENIOR.

  • Da Vinci DSE Exam Preparatory Course for JUNIOR
  • Da Vinci DSE Exam Preparatory Course for SENIOR

Da Vinci Language Arts

Da Vinci Language Arts is a series of interactive and diversified courses with the focus on solidifying and stretching the English abilities of students. At present, Da Vinci Language Arts offers the following 4 courses:

  • English in Popular Culture
  • English in Short Story
  • English in Poetry and Song
  • English in Drama

Da Vinci Cambridge English

For some secondary students who want to upgrade their English capabilities to near native English level and obtain an international recognised qualification, Da Vinci provides Cambridge English Test Preparatory Courses - KET and PET to meet their needs. Upon completion of the courses, students can decide whether to take the KET or PET test. Both KET and PET are recognized as a qualification in basic English by organisations and educational institutions across the world.