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Da Vinci Reading First

Many research studies have proven that Good Reading Skills can help English learners acquire 5 essential language skills - Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension.

Da Vinci Cambridge YLE

Based on the syllabus of the Cambridge Young Learners English Test (YLE), this course is designed to enhance students' grammatical skills and vocabulary bank and teach them how to apply these correctly into reading and writing in order to strengthen their listening and speaking abilities. 

Da Vinci YLE Phonics

This course is specifically made for young learners who want to study the Cambridge YLE course but their basic English abilities may not meet the entry level. To well equip them with the basic abilities, this course mainly focuses on cultivating young children's reading and speaking abilities through Phonics - the basic element for achieving Brilliant English.

Da Vinci Cambridge KET

This course is an advanced level for students who have achieved a good result in the Cambridge YLE Test for Flyers. Based on the syllabus of the Cambridge KET test for Schools, this course is designed to enrich students' vocabulary bank and grammatical skills and focuses more on daily use of the language. 

Da Vinci TSA Speaking

Based on the requirements of TSA Speaking test, this course can assist Schools in strengthening their students' speaking ability to achieve a good ranking for their Schools.

Da Vinci TSA Reading & Writing

Based on the requirements of the TSA Reading & Writing test, this course will employ various interesting readings to cultivate students' reading and comprehension skills and further their writing skills.

Da Vinci Language Arts

Da Vinci Language Arts is a series of interactive and diversified courses with the aim of getting students to love English. The courses are designed with different themes and teaching approaches in order to achieve different goals of learning.