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Our Professional Team

Our Professional Team

Mrs. Christine Cheung BA, Cert. Ed


Christine was a teacher and later became a journalist before moving to Canada with her family. Inspired by the educational values and practices her children encountered in Canada, she founded Da Vinci Education in 2000 upon her return to Hong Kong. Christine always believes that Learning can be a pleasant experience, and Trust & Empowerment is the magic key that will sparkle the youngsters' initiatives to chase their Learning Goals. Hence, she extended the company to a new horizon in 2011 to provide youth empowerment programme to the youngsters in Hong Kong.



Ms. Karman Wong BSc, MSc, MBA


Karman joined the parent company in 2003 - the year of the SARS. In order to provide quality education to children and teenagers during that difficult time, she assisted in developing new programmes and services which could be carried out at schools whilst maintaining the same quality as would have been delivered in an education centre.  This changed the company’s direction; from being a centre to a reputable education service provider amongst schools. After 6 years with the parent company, Karman left to do businesses with universities in Hong Kong, Indonesia and China. Inspired by various educational concepts from different universities and venues, she returned to Hong Kong in 2013 with a vision of sparkling the children’s and youngsters' initiatives to chase their goals. She then assists the company and focuses on developing innovative approaches for helping children and youngsters to enhance their communication skills, develop correct mindset and build up basic elements of success: Self-affirmation, Persistence, and Ability to Execute.


Ms. Wincey Cheung MATESL, BA, TESOL

Head Teacher

Wincey joined the company in 2008 and has been working as a Native English Teacher in various primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. She believes in an interactive and communicative approach to teaching and that passion, patience and preparedness are keys to helping children succeed in learning. Besides teaching, Wincey is also a key member of the Da Vinci’s administrative team, responsible for teacher recruitment, curriculum development, and liaising with local school teachers for various projects.  


Third-party Education Consultants

Dr. K. K. Tse

Founder of "Education for Good" and "Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum"

Dr. Tse is a renowned social entrepreneur in Hong Kong.  He is a management professional and became a third-party consultant to big corporations since 1992. From 2000 onwards, Dr. Tse started to focus on the development of social entrepreneurships in Hong Kong and founded the "Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum" and "Education for Good". 



Mr. Patrick Cheung

Founder of the "Diagloue in the Dark" in Hong Kong

Mr. Patrick Cheung is one of the founding Directors of "Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum", he together with Dr. K.K. Tse founded "Dialogue in the Dark" in Hong Kong, a renowned social enterprise which vision is to bridge gap between people of differences. In 2011, Patrick established "Water Drops Foundation" and focus his philanthropic work in promoting social innovation for elderly sectors.


Dr. Julian Leung Yat Ming

Dr. Leung is a specialist of curriculum transformation. He was the Director of HKEDB Curriculum Development Branch. With the passion of devoting his more than 30 years experience in the development of education curriculum gained in Hong Kong and China, Dr. Leung co-founded the company in 2000 and now he is the Academic advisor of the company.  


Mr. Liu Jing Hai

Former Principal of Shanghai Zhabei No. 8 Middle School

Mr. Liu is classified as a Grade A Educational Psychologist in Shanghai. In 1992, he created a new educational theory called "Success in Education". The core of this theory is to cultivate a positive and passionate attitude among teachers and students to Teaching and Learning. Instead of pushing to teach and learn, building encouragement and joys are his main focus of research.