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LightSail Reading Challenge


Da Vinci is in collaboration with LightSail from U.S. to launch a digital literacy and embedded assessment programme in Hong Kong!

LightSail is an unique digitial solution for enriching students' reading experience and helping teachers to more understand every bit of progress of students' ability while they're conducting the reading activities. Each LightSail's ebook embedding with in-text assessments, which are in the form of multiple choice or cloze. Students must have to finish these assessments; otherwise they cannot flip to the next page to continue their reading. It is a brillant approach to avoid students only flipping the pages but not really engaging into the reading text, while can allow chance and time for students to think over and digest what they have read. 

When students first login into LightSail reading programme, an ebook with embedded in-text assessments will be assigned to them according to their current grades. Once they complete their first ebooks, LightSail will allocate a number of ebooks, which are also embedded with in-text assessments, to the students' eBookself based on their pre-assessment results.

The ebooks assigned across a wide variety of topics in English that allows students to select the topics they like to read while matching with their reading ability. LightSail's ebooks help students to make connections with their daily life and increasingly complex ideas to help building their foundational literacy skills, comprehension, and world knowledge. Besides, there are many classical articles provided in LightSail for students to appreciate and cultivate the love of literature.

The ebooks allocated into the e-Bookself of students will keep changing according to the progress of reading power of students. Therefore, students will not get bored with the books that are not matched with their changing reading ability. Instead, they will always be challenged to keep a high spirit of learning. 

We wish our students will love reading, cultivate a good reading habit and also to learn our world and community through reading.