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Da Vinci Reading First


Many research studies have proven that Good Reading Skills can help English learners acquire 5 essential language skills - Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension. Based on the theory of "Reading First" raised by the Department of Education in the United States, this course aims to enable students to become successful readers and to achieve a solid foundation of the 5 essential language skills through reading time. In this course, a series of leveled books are selected for our Native-speaking English teachers to read with the children. These books are fit to their leveland knowledge so as to raise their interest in reading and help them acquire the language skills eventually. 



Early Reader I & II, Kinder Reader I & II, Gotcha Reader I & II, Success Reader I & II


Appropriate grade levels:


No. of students per class:


Duration per lesson:

1.25 hours

Total no. of lessons per level:

20 lessons (around 4 lessons to finish one book)