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Da Vinci English Fun Day


English Fun Day is definitely a good time for your pupils in welcoming the School Holidays or taking a joyful breath from busy school works!

¶  Da Vinci’s NET English teachers like to design funny and educational games to enable children to enjoy the English mood!

¶  Handful of English games is ready and not limited to Science games, Musical dance, Acting games, Story role-play, and various funny booth games!

¶  Funny and Educational! Children will be able to learn the meanings of some English vocabularies and simple grammars – verb and adjective Easily!

Da Vinci English Fun Day is enjoyable to your pupils as well as your New Coming Pupils! We have experience and can trim down the level to make it good for K3 kids as well!

Da Vinci English Fun Day will be run in your School in the school holidays of X’mas, Chinese New Year, Easter and Summer Vacation as well! 

If you want to organise the English Fun Day at your School, let’s contact us at 2199 7692 or email to

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!