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Da Vinci Cambridge YLE


Based on the syllabus of the Cambridge Young Learners English Test (YLE), this course is designed to enhance students' grammatical skills and vocabulary bank and teach them how to apply these correctly into reading and writing in order to strengthen their listening and speaking abilities.

The lessons are theme-based and integrated with interactive activities so students can enjoy in learning and are more willing to communicate in proper English. This course will be delivered by the Native-English speaking teachers who are experienced in teaching Cambridge YLE Courses.Mock tests will be administered to students during the course so they can receive practice and exposure to the real test. Students who have completed the whole course and have passed the mock test (except the Pre-starter level) with an acceptable result will be recommended to take the Cambridge YLE Test.



Pre-starter, Starter, Mover, and Flyer
* students are required to take an English placement exercise for enrolling in a suitable level

Appropriate grade levels:


No. of students per class:


Duration per lesson:

1.5 hours

Total no. of lessons per level:

20 lessons