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About Da Vinci


Founded in 2000, Da Vinci Education started off as a small education centre and has now extended to provide quality educational services to primary and secondary schools since 2003.  The educational services we provide range from various after-school English and Cross-curricular programmes, Native-speaking English Teachers Service Scheme, School-based Curriculum Development Services, Internationally recognised exam preparatory programmes, and tailor-made programmes for schools. 

English Teaching Professional

Up to date, Da Vinci Education has partnered with over 250 Primary and Secondary schools and has built up a stable pool of around 50 qualified and experienced Native-speaking English teachers and professionals to ensure our sustainable provision of quality services. 


Moral & Character Builder

At Da Vinci Education, we are not only a professional at English language teaching, but also a Moral & Character Builder. In the last 3 years, we delivered a programme called "EmpowerU - Small Action Big Difference" to secondary schools and have successfully attracted over 800 teenagers to join! The "EmpowerU" programme covered a series of workshops, outdoor activities and site visits. The aim was to lead our teenagers to build their self-affirmation, self-confidence, persistence and ability to execute; all key elements to further their moral and character development.